Teenage engineering op1 - midipal

Hi guys, anyone know if it’s possible to connect tmidipal directly into op1 synth?

I havnt had such luck using it with ableton.

I’ve connected midipal via midi into my soundcard .
Can seem to get the midipal to send midi .

Is there somtching I am missing?
A green light was linking but no sounds:-(


The MIDI is processing the messages received on its MIDI in and sends them to its MIDI out.

What is connected to the MIDI in of the MIDIpal and what kind of messages is it sending?

What is connected to the MIDI out of the MIDIpal?

Pablo, The OP-1 works well with MIDIpal if you have a USB host between the OP-1 and the MIDIpal. That host device will need USB as well as 5 pin DIN MIDI ports.
That could be done a variety of ways: I have it working using the iConnectMIDI, TE’s OP-Lab would also work (though they are not as easily available), or a desktop soundcard with a 15-pin joystick port (like the venerable SoundBlaster 16 or SB Live). On a desktop setup the OP-1 would need to connect via USB and the MIDIpal would connect via an adapter cable linking the joystick port 15-pin port with a pair of MIDI ports (DIN 5) IN and OUT. your DAW would link the USB to the DIN 5’s.

hi guys thats great.

i have a midi cable that has usb at one end.
usb is in the op1 and midi in to midipal. midi out on saffire interface.

the other midi cable is midi out on midipal and midi in on saffire interface.
very confusing to me but i know i have the right connections.

is there any step by step anywhere ? i have looked.
the manual doesnt make any sense to me.

thanks again guys:-)


What do you expect it to do?

Can’t stop thinking about this OP-1 demo…


This is a legitimate question because the MIDIpal has been designed as an effect to be inserted between a MIDI controller and a MIDI sound module, and it seems that pablochambres has neither of those.

Yes, and i was wondering why someone would buy such a device when he cant make a clue of the manual…

A USB->MIDI Cable wont work if you stick one en in the OP1, i highly doubt that the OP-1 can drive the integrated driver Chip so this connection is useless.

@pablochambres: Yes, you have your wiring wrong, the USB>MIDI cable can only be connected to a computer, not to a peripheral like the OP-1.

I don’t know the OP1 well (there are a few people out there who have one and might be more helpful) but I don’t see any obvious way of having it working with the MIDIpal without going through some convoluted route, with some stuff being routed through your computer. The MIDIpal is intended for working with MIDI equipment (I think it’s already clear from its name, but the product description: ““The MIDIpal is a small and smart MIDI processor. Insert it between a MIDI keyboard (or sequencer) and a MIDI sound module to unleash powerful compositional aids and effects”” is quite clear about it).

+1 to what everyone else has been saying.


The OP-1 does not transmit MIDI directly out of the mini usb port.
Like zanrob says, you need to put another interface such as the iConnect MIDI or TE OPLab (or your computer also functions as a translator) between the OP-1 and the MIDIpal.


One way would be connecting the OP-1 via USB to the computer and the MIDIpal out to the Computers MIDI In and the MIDIpaly in to the Computers MIDI Out and then route the MIDI Streams in the Computer, on a Mac id recommend MIDI Patchbay , on Windows … i don’t care :wink:

re-reading your first post: the MIDIpal doesn’t generate any sound. Maybe you have a fundamental misconception about how the MIDIpal works?

this must be feasible using midi-ox and midi-yoke under windows.

yep either midi-yoke in windows or you can also use Jack on mac os and linux

Apparently Jack has been ported to Windows now, haven’t tried it yet.

i like maple midi tools on windows 7 for plumbing.

I use Maple MIDI tools as well, even on Windows XP, as it worked fine when MIDI yoke had problems.


I’ve managed to get my op1 to talk to loads of random devices.
I bought the midipal to spit out random midi notes that were in key & scale.

I thought it would be plug & play:-(
I’m away from home for the next 3weeks so can’t try again until then.

It’s like anything, it’s easy when u know how.
Thanks guys!

Which devices did you get the op-1 to talk to, and how did you do it?

Tenori on & iPad.
Via midi thru sound card.

The midipal is the only thing I’ve ever struggled with:-(

Maybe you missed that the MIDIpal only processes notes, so you have to feed something in - without any input there can’t be any output…