Teenage Engineering OP-1

it struck me last night as i was messing with the shruti that the control surface/UI is very similar to how the OP-1 is laid out.

were you aware of this device when you began creating the shruti olivier? or did you both happen to settle on the same control paradigm. which is great by the way.

I wasn’t aware of the OP-1 until mid-august 2009, and at this time the Shruti-1 UI code was already written…

My main source of inspiration for the 4 params per page + page cycling switches was the blofeld. At first I thought of not using a display and just “engraving” the matrix on the front panel as this is done on the waldorves (?), then I realized it would be simpler if the “label” of each pot was shown on a screen, and if we can show the label, why not the value too!

Trivia: in the first tests I did with the LCD, the parameters were shown ESQ-1/SQ-80 style (with parameter name and value on the same line):

@ sha saw prm 127@

@ tun -12 op 1+2@

ah cool. it’s a great paradigm any way.

In fact Olivier’s is much more elegant than the ESQ-80 (which only shows 1 value because it only has one slider - correct me if i’m wrong it’s ages ago…) or the MicroWave 1 (which has buttons and some LED to indicate the Pages but only 1 encoder - a pain in the ass to edit while worth the effort given what it send to the outputs…). It’s nearest to the MicroWave 2 (http://www.amazona.de/media/articles/article_images/article_1925/1_MW01.jpg) that has 4 encoders beneath the display and buttons/leds for the pages.
I like Olivier’s design best, because there is a seperate LED for each page, so you dont have to crisscross your looks on the printed matrix. So my Shruti is going to look like this: http://www.daniels-feinpapiere.de/shruti_frontpanel.jpg

owning both the Shruti-1 and the Blofeld I must say the Shruti somehow has the better interface (of course there’s also a couple of things more in the Blofeld), but still I haven’t found a Synth as fun and intuitive as the Shruti-1 yet!