TDST not present in my BRAIDS menu?

TDST is not present in my BRAIDS menu and I didn’t notice that until now when I need it.
1.8 here.

any ideas ?

Instead of selecting one destination with no way of controlling the amount, you can now individually control the amount of internal envelope on:

  • FM (|\FM).
  • Timbre (|\TIM).
  • VCA (|\VCA).
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perfectly understood (and smart) and I’m ok with my setup in which a proper MIDI CC flows to BRAIDS meta for changing synthesis model on the fly.

MERCI :slight_smile:

I am curious, what was TDST? I am unfamiliar with the term.

Trigger Destination

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On older versions of the Braids firmware you could chose whether the trigger input triggered an internal envelope applied on TIMBRE, an internal VCA, or TIMBRE+VCA. And that was it!

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