Tanzbär mini review

Nice little box, feels less cheap than expected. Interface takes some time to gets used to, but does make sense after a while. Sounds lovely; range of sound controls is impressive

The interface makes sense, but it isn’t intuitive. I wrote the developer 10 pages of improvements (without the need of changing hardware or print), but it seems that he doesn’t want to change anything (or more likely he hasn’t time. He works on future mfb products) :confused:

However it is really an awesome box. I can’t stop recommending it. It sounds awesome, is hands on, light, analog and has an own sound. It is really the 808/909 of this century. And you can use it as two additional 16 step cv sequencers, which is really cool - It’s currently my favorite drum machine, even if it isn’t perfect. :slight_smile:

And you are right. Some people criticize a cheap feeling, but I find it also okay. Everything sits solid. I’m just not a fan of the tl1100 like buttons…

Useless fact: it has an 32bit processor inside :slight_smile: