Tactile Switches, anyone know what size they are?

I have found some switches which look about right and are very cheap, farnell requires an overseas order to get the parts on the BOM so I’m not going to use them. Do these specs sound right.

Circuit: SPST-NO
Switch Function: Off-Mom
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Contact Rating: 50mA
Size / Dimension: 6*6mm
Stem Length: 7mm

The stem is a bit long but is the 6*6mm spacing right?

These are tiny switches - like the one used on the MIDIpal for reset.

The Shruthi-1 switches are 12x12.

12x12 will do, but you will find out that most switches have a plunger that is too big for the usual caps and the alternative caps that do fit are round.

the only switches that really work with the caps are the ones specified. i’ve tried a bunch that look just the same from a different manufacturer (just because they were available at farnell without import fee) but it was too thick for the caps.

I got them in the xoxshop.de
You get 23 of them here.
It seems to be the only place in Europe where to get them…

(If you use another case or make your own you can of-course use whatever 12x12 switches you like.)

Ok, that explains why they are 4 cents each. 12x12 is the magic number, I’m not really worried about caps although i suppose it will look bad without them.

They need to be 12x12mm with a 3.3mm square plunger. Most other 12mm switches with square pegs have 3.8mm square plungers if you take a look at the details. You have to file those plungers and you’ll most likely end up with a switch cap that’s not properly aligned.

yep. or you end up with a bag of switches you’ll never use. if anyone wants to give the filing a try, they’re yours.

I bought 100 of them a while back. Should last a while.

Good idea to file them… just tried it out on this switch and it works ok. Not even to difficult to get it aligned.


I wonder if these would do? they do caps to go with them.

They will fit the PCB but not the standard enclosure. The button caps are a different size and will not be high enough to raise to the height of the pots and the LCD.

mmm, ok. It’s good to know I could file them down, seems a bit of a pain. I will keep looking.

Ok, I didn’t realise the caps were tall and thin, I thought they were low and flat, like a book lying on a table. Now I realise that I see they are a fairly standard part. Searching the forum reveals that Alps do them and Farnell stock them. Of course now the problem is that I need to find a switch to fit them, I think it needs to be 12mm x 12mm x 7.3mm with a 3.3mm square shaft.
Re-reading all your posts I see that the only option is to order stuff from the german xoxbox place or buy in bulk from the states, or get the file out.

@Dunk: Wanna share an order from xoxshop.de with me to split the shipping? I should stock up on both switches and knobs. (And thanks for the pointer, shiftr!)

do you mean the x0xb0x knobs? or, in case you just mistyped and meant the x0xb0x button caps - they won’t work with the Shruthi

Yup, I meant button caps; I thought they would work, but if you’re saying they won’t, thanks for pointing it out.

they’re lower and broader than the Shruthi buttons. the best source for the buttons is digi-key as far as i know

Thanks again then. So it is looking more like a Digi-key order for me then. Same offer applies, @Dunk.

Now to carefully check what else would be worth getting from them if I’m going to be filling up a basket there!

Hi yes splitting a digikey order would be great, I have ordered the pcbs for a 4 pole mission Shruthi and have ordered most of the parts but need to get the switches, caps pots and encoder, 5 pin din plugs and 1/4" sockets. Maybe even a couple of other bits too. Either send me a message or keep it going on this thread.