Sysex dump saving/loading for dummies (I'm in a rush or I'd do the research myself, sorry!)

Hey guys, normally I would take more time to figure this out myself, but I have a show tonight and am in a bit of a rush.

My own Shruthi-1 had beer spilled on it a while back, and it isn’t in perfect working order (So far just potentiometers acting up & need to be replaced), so I want to dump all of my patches to a different Shruthi that I bought just recently. I’ve searched the forums, and read the user manual as thoroughly as I can, but all I can find is how to dump the sysex data, not how to load it.

I actually haven’t even got the dump to work yet by trying to record the MIDI output into my DAW either… I’ve never attempted this before, so can someone point me in the right direction?


Backup is described in this section of the manual.

Record the generated data in a MIDI track on your DAW (Or use SysEx librarian if you run OS X - launch the app and click on “Record many”).

To load the data into your second Shruthi, just play the recorded data into it. You don’t have to put the unit into a specific mode or do any operation. If backup data shows up on the unit MIDI in, it’ll be automatically copied back at the right place.

Amazing. So easy, I should have known. Thanks a million Olivier.

I’ve worked with MIDI for years, but never done any sort of sysex backups, so perhaps it is only me to whom that doesn’t seem clear. I had read that section of the manual already (three or four times) but perhaps it merits a clarification that it will just automatically accept backup data without having to do anything?

I think that it is a given really. On some synths I own this is the only way to back up , and you would have to deliberately filter the sysex packets to prevent it. I think it is implicit that if you send a sysex file that contains all data then it can be classed as a backup.