Sysex channel bit workaround...(solution Kawai MM-16&MIDI4+)

Hi peeps,
I got the MIDIpal to turn my two MKS50s into a mad 12 voice synth. It works exactly halfway because of the cruddy channel bit in the Roland SYSEX; notes go back and forth between the two units (great / amazing!) but SYSEX changes only go to the unit with the MIDI channel matching the one set in the app (alpha editor). MIDI omni ‘on’ only means that the unit receives notes on all channels, SYSEX changes are only received on the channel to which they are set. Can anyone think of a way that I can still get SYSEX changes to both units?
This is how I set it up:
ipad (ch2) > MIDIpal (ch2+ch3) > MKS50.1 (ch2) midi in > MKS50.1 through > MKS50.2 (ch3) MIDI in

MKS50.1 channel 2, omni 'off’
MKS50.2 channel 3, omni ‘on’

“SYSEX changes are only received on the channel to which they are set”

Hmmm unless there’s something Roland-Specific here, SysEx messages do not contain any channel information.

There’s often a device ID (unit ID) in some synths so you can send sysex and it only gets received by the matching unit.

Is is that perhaps?

take a look here …scroll down to the AJ/MKS50 sysex. I can’t think of a reason they would do that but I have run into the problem again and again but didn’t think it would actually work like that with omni on.

I see… it’s certainly not something that can be programmed through MIDIpal general filtering rules, so you’ll have to write a custom app for that.

since you are using a software editor, maybe there is a vst or midiox rule you can set to munge that bit.

ok, thanks…sounds like I have to send two sysex messages from every knob/ button which I can do from the ipad template I made myself. I was hoping to use the ‘alpha editor’ app because it also acts as a great librarian, but there’s no way to change the SYSEX messages being sent and you can only select one output MIDI channel.

thought of another setup but because my editors only send to one MIDI jack the results are basically the same…
Is ther a MIDIpal derivative with 2 DIN MIDI output jacks (that the dispatcher could alternate between)?

for future reference…the only device that can separate even/ odd midi notes over two midi output jacks is the kawai MM-16. Per murphy’s law, I didn’t find that out until after I sold the one I had.

Got a cheap MM-16 online. It separates even and odd notes over the two MIDI output jacks but SYSEX messages are only output out of MIDI jack 1. Didn’t see that in the manual…Rats. Routing the mm-16 through the the iconnectivity MIDI4+ does the trick. FInally have my 12 voice MKS-50. I thought even / odd note separation meant there was a note stack but the MM-16 relies on the note numbers on the keyboard e.g. C is even C# is odd, D is even, D# is odd …