Synthesizertreffen Bonn 29.+30. Oct [Shruthi Polychainig World Record Attempt!]

Dear Sirs,

rosch and i thought about infiltrating the german Synthesizer-Treffen in Bonn , held near Bonn on October 29th + 30th.

Anyone of you brave Guys with us?

edit: directly linking to the thread doesnt work, see Termine -> Bonn, Synthie Treffen or copy and paste the oldschool way:

Birthday of Nathanaëlle…

Nathanaëlle has birthday on two days??? I know of people who have birthday every 4 years, but 2 days in a row - you should have checked your sp***** quality, maybe its mutated by ROSH compliant solder fumes et al…

edit: or maybe its a timewarping subspace sidefx of your 6d printer?


Hmmm, this topic seems to be 1 year old?


Accidentially swapped October with August… must habe been EATYones timewarprealitysubspacedistortionthingy…

If you like to attend, i will gladly pick you up on any Airport or Trainstation somwhere near… the Thalys is directly from Paris to Köln…

I would also like to come! but it is too far :frowning:

The 29 october is my little brother birthday!

You all have the same name?

Maybe I’ll come too. It’s not that far from here…

YO Flip… you MUST.

I’ll try to convince Olivier to drop the 8 Units limit for polychaining so we can make a gargantuan Guiness World Record 8+ Voice polychained Shruthi :wink:

sure guys, can hack the firmware for the world record.

Woohoo :slight_smile:

idd be up for that fly whats the nearest airport to location

that would be köln bonn.