Synthesizer Magazin Nr. 26

in issue no. 26, it is a report of the Shruth 1 :slight_smile:
very good rating and praise there was for him…

Well deserved, I’d say!

Could someone scan it and post?

sorry do not have a scanner, and it is in german!

So scanning…and translating lol

I dont even have a place where i could buy the Magazine . . . .

it’s kind of hard to find even in germany…

Badly i’m not in Germany, i’m in the “Grafschaft Bentheim” which seems to be some kind of extradimensional sphere when it comes to simple thinks like buying a Chili, getting some Fuses or the Synthesizer Magazin . . .

should i make some makro pics with my cellphone?
or i send it to you fcd72 and you send it to rumpelfilter!

And Franck send it to me and after i give to Olivier… Yeah good idea :))(

I’ve seen the article, but it was a preprint I can’t share.

why not take a pic, upload it to flickr and post it here?
(instead of sending it around)

here the pics! paste & copy to your browser, sry bad quality and big size!

Cool, thank you! I don’t understand any of it, but nice to see nonetheless…

Looks like a pretty detailed review. Does it say Nice Things about it?


Ill see if i can translate at least some of it @ work later today ^^

@ toneburst
yes only nice things was written about the shruthi!
only something about a Chorus Effekt like the Juno 60! that the shruthi could have that

Ah, OK. Not enough room on the boards for that, I think…