Synth signal directly in mixers (an actual analog mixer)?


I just heard that plug in synth level directly into our analog mixer can actually damage the mixer in question…

_In one of the latest video of Simon The MagPie on youtube _

It’s certainly better to balance your signals with a DI and lower the impedance to avoid the loss of highend, but is that absolutely necessary for the great health of our mixers?

Now, I have the Stereo Out a Clouds going to a stereo IN of the mixer (not Hi Z inputs)

No it’s not true. The typical circuit for a mixer input is a resistor at least a few kOhm to a virtual ground. The typical output circuit for a synth is an op-amp that can source at most 10mA or so of current. It’s milliwatts. Nothing bad will happen. I get asked this all the time - you need 50V or more for a sustained time to destroy the inputs on my modules.

Do you have a link to this video?

Yes, that’s what i thought, i just watched a video about DI and it made it clear.
Thanks you for your fast answer (i think it’s the best after-sales service i’ve experienced ^^)

The magpie talk about it in the beginning of the video, but the rest of the video is pretty informative!
Simon The MagPie video:
DI video: (in case you ask)

Oh my. It spooks me to think of how much misinformation is making it’s way around the “information highway”.

this is the first ive seen of this guy, and i immediately dislike his vibe.

edit: his musical productions on bandcamp are cute tho

I’ve been putting analogue and digital synths at line level into analogue mixers for nearly forty years now without a problem.

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Did you listen to his album? I enjoy it from the first track to the last… There’s a lot of different sounds in it, from acoustic to electronic.
Okey, everybody don’t like his experimental approach and the character. You don’t really learn with his videos but i see them as a kind of a journey.

To go back to the topic, I think that forum are here to “defake” the fake (in a way). So thanks you for helping me out!

The worst theing that can happen is that the mixer distorts

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