Synth repair: wire broken at connector. Halp!

Hey everyone! This is a non-Shruthi related repair, so fear not!

I’ve recently received a piece of equipment that has a wire broken at the terminal to the molex connector. What is the best way to get the wire reconnected? Grab a new terminal and a crimper? Do I need a special molex crimper?

Thanks for your help and advice!

I’d redo the connector. Larger 100 mil pitch stuff should be fine with a generic crimp tool, if its one of those mini ones then you will need the proper crimp tool

Off to buy a crimp tool tomorrow. I come across enough wire casings that need redone that it should be worth having around.

Thanks, altitude.

Look for one that has the most possible crimp varieties and something that goes as small as possible (32 ga), something like this:

The crimp tools with ratcheting mechanism are best.

My local store didn’t have any of these type of crimpers, so I’ll be ordering one. Does anyone have a resource for identifying connectors and sizes of terminal pins, etc? If I’m gonna be ordering this stuff, I want to make darn sure it’s what I need.

sigh Many a dumb question tonight…

What is an “official” name for this?

3-pin molex connector? JST? The devil is in the details.

*how do I make this image appear in my post?! I’ve never had this problem before. Feeling severely deficient.

that’s a PWM fan connector. Molex Part number of receptacle is 22-01-3037. Molex Part number of individual crimp contacts is 08-55-0114. Matching PCB header Molex 22-23-2031

per the specs page the wire sizes for this connector are 22-30ga so that should drive your crimper selection

deadmonkey, thank you so much! At risk of finding an obvious answer, I have ask where you found this information?

thanks again!

well, at risk of disclosing my sources, I used google and wikipedia.
Once you have the part number you can google the specs to find the wire size

I’ll be damned… sigh Apparently I’ve caught Teh Suck on the internet.