Synth-Related Blog Recommendations

Benge’s blog is pretty cool. Anyone else any recommendations?


I imagine you know the usual suspects (CDM, synthopia, matrixsynth)
other than that, blogs I like:

and of course my own little music geek stuff blog:

Your Lego Leslie is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while!

The Vacoloco Ramblings by Paul Maddox

How about Synthtopia ? ; )

Edit : Ooops @rumpelfilter mentioned this already without url :slight_smile:

@piscione: hehe yeah that one is totally cool! not my work though…

Here are a few more for you from my own collection of finds:

Steelberry Clones

Analog Industries

Trash Audio

Analog Suicide

Sequence 15

Great Synthesisers