Synth project shruthi keyboard

whoah, have you guys seen this shuthi-1 keyboard by synth project pretty amazing - and i’m usually not that easily amazed.

[edit:] oh, seems like i’m the first person to post this year - so happy new year everyone! :slight_smile:

Now, that is a really nice build!

Cool as a penguins slipper!
I’ve seen some of his other stuff too… Always very nice work!

That is pretty damn impressive. Is that based on one of fcd72’s Programmers (and built really quickly), or did he find his own way of hooking all the knobs up? I’d love to see more about how that was put together, and what it looks like on the inside :slight_smile:

This is based on a Doepfer “MIDI brain”, so everything is controlled through CC.

As far as i know Mario from Synth Project the inside is the total opposite from my builds…



I was wondering when it would happen … happy new year.