Synth-heads: Doepfer DIY Synth

Doepfer DIY Synth now available.

If you’re into analog synths and DIY, this may be the project you’ve been waiting for.

they sell the pcbs assembled, don’t they?

Yes, DIY for the enclosure and cabling. I haven’t looked much at the board, but I wonder what kind of filter is this. OTA? Transistor array? Naive Sallen-Key with a vactrol for controlling the cutoff?

Yeah, but you’d easily pay that much just for PCB’s for each module. This looks like an enticing way to add a bunch of modules to my soon-to-be modular.

What got me thinking was this: Using a MT8816 to have a dynamic digital patching system, controlled by an MCU/FTDI chip, gives you a very simple to assemble compact digitally-controllable analog synth. I suppose a patch matrix would be easy enough to implement too, but this would make for a fairly compact design; you’d just need the pots. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

A digital patch matrix was exactly the same when I thought about the doepfer kit. Analog pin patch matrixes are hard to get and super expensive. Have you ever seen a working solution for this (except of this Analogue Solutions thing)??

i’ve been looking at this too. i’ve a SN voice kit waiting to be put together too. did i read somewhere that there might be some difficulty incorporating this into a standard euro rack format, (something to do with the power supply?). this kit was built to be standalone…

Yes. I have one of these, and it should do just perfect —

However it’s quite expensive. Most of that cost is wrapped up in that interface. That could be made much cheaper in several ways, like for example hack one of these and a shift register together with the MT8816

and all you’d really need to worry about at that point would be a bipolar supply for it (The 8816 can use up to +9/-5)

That, however, is potentially the problem – +9/-5 is your compliance. I’ve looked around at switch matrix chips and the 8816 seems to have the widest switching range. If that didn’t do it you’d have to basically “compand” your signals in and out of the switch, which would be a bit more work and cost. The 8816 itself is $4.50 at Futurlec.

AD75019 is what the synapse used, Looks like it’s +/-12v, and it’s 16x16

Can it be played through Shruthi-1’s CV out? Never used CV I/O’s before…

Any idea whether the Shruthi would be compatible with Moog’s 5V CV/Gate implementation? I have quite a bit of stuff to use like the VX-351 and CP-251 but I’m afraid to hook up anything not that is not specifically “vetted”…

There’s going to be a run of aluminum front panels for the Doepfer DIY Synth sometime soon. They look really cool!

Mmmm, tube

Needs udders.

Definitely! Synth tube without udder can’t be regarded as a serious musical instrument.

The Shruthi-1 cannot be controlled by standard 5V CV / Gate. The CV inputs have a low resolution, not fine enough to allow precise “musical” pitch control.

How about using Shruthi-1’s CV output to control Doepfer DIY? If it’s possible i guess i’d buy doepfer and play it using Shruthi-1 as middle man somehow.

I found out that there is stuff like this:
-but that’s one more piece of hardware in to table/rack. And costs 120€.


Oh, i guess it’s same with outputs then.