Sync with external MIDI devices

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Might be a dumb question…sorry if it’s the case…

My MPC 2500 sends MIDI clock and I can sync my shruthi’s lfos to external clock…

Ardour 2 (the DAW I use) sends MIDI Time Code and I can’t get my shruthi synced with it…

So I guess the shruthi only syncs to MIDI clock and not MIDI Time Code right ?



Yes, the Shruthi doesn’t read MIDI time code, just clock messages.


Ok, I’ll find a turn around

Thanks Pichenettes !



So we can’t sync the speed of the arpeggiator or sequencer speed whith daw, is it correct ?

most daws send both timecode and clock.

with ableton live for example i have no poblem syncing anything to anything

We must set Shruti : “External sync” or something like that?
I have not found something in the manual

Set the tempo (setting: bpm) to “ext”.

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    Thank you pichenettes -

Its ok !

I have found in the reference manual :
“Sequencer and arpeggiator” and BPM set to “extern” will sync the Shruthi-1 clock to the ticks received from the MIDI input"

Thank you

you can also use the shruthi sequencer like a full step sequencer this way. i think this is not in the manual:

1. sync shruthi to daw, set shruthi to sequencer mode (“seq”)
2. Trigger "test note"
3. (re)start daw.

internal sequencer now is in sync with daw. you can stop and start the daw as many times as you like - shruthi will always be in sync. you don`t have to trigger the test note another time. this is not how the shruthi sequencer is intendet to work. (it has no own start/stop and is intendet to be more of a advanced arpeggiator) but this way the shruthi seq turn into a kind of 303 style sequencer. this is because the test note acts the same way as a midi note which is stuck (no note off).


i just had a look in the manual. this ^^ is actually not there. maybe i discoverd a fancy “trick” here ??
i never scerwed with the other sequencer modes to much.

This is not documented because this doesn’t have too… The sequencer runs as long as a note is held or when it receives a MIDI start / stop message. Holding the test note will keep it running.

Exactly, I just tried it and it works :0)
But set the daw for it does not send messages “off” when you press stop button !

I’d love to see a start/stop menu item on the Shruthi, or a hold-drone-note feature on the MIDIpal.

Good idea for the MIDIpal feature!