Sync Grids with Deluge

I’m diving into my Grids deeper as I get used to the “basics” after a while. I’m trying to sync my Deluge with it. On a 100 BPM MIDI clock output. I’m struggling to find the correct order to fire my Grids as I start to press play on my Deluge.

I discussed this with some people on FB and they state I need to do the following:

  • Set the Grids to 24 PPQN and the reset knob on the reset function (not tap) without anything patched into the Grids
  • Press the reset once so the Grids “knows” when a downbeat will start, or do I patch the clock first?
  • Patch in an external clock (and reset signal = optional or mandatory?)
  • Press start AFTER reset on the Deluge

It should be in Sync now. However I can send a so-called “trigger clock” as well. I can’t find what the difference is between this and MIDI clock. Will the Grids react better on trigger clock?

It seems to help to stay in tune if I create a reset signal on a gate out from the Deluge by sending 1 Midi note in a sequence, at the same first step (Kick) as an sequence I create to run an internal kit?
How many bars does a sequence need to be to cycle full through all the steps of my beloved Grids?

I know now the reset function seems pivotal to get this right.
Unfortunately i’m not at home to try out.
Can someone confirm this is the right way of setting this up?

Manually handling the RESET button is a bit insane. You absolutely need a reset signal to go do Grids’ RESET input.

So I would do things this way:

  • Configure Grids for 24ppqn, because that’s the most accurate and that’s what your MIDI clock will be.
  • Don’t bother with the RESET setting, you won’t have to manually press the button.
  • Patch the clock signal into Grids’ CLOCK input (with the pink knob fully CCW so that the module uses the external clock, not the internal).
  • Patch a reset signal to Grids’ RESET input. Maybe there’s an option on the Deluge to get such a reset signal. If not, add a very short note at the very last step of the pattern, or at the very first step (last or first? it depends on the order in which the Deluge sends the clock signal relatively to the note signals). [The reset signal is a short pulse that should come before the first clock tick. This pulse is interpreted as “reset the step index to 1 at the next clock tick”].

No idea what this is! Can you ask the developers of the Deluge what it is? I suspect that what they call “trigger clock” has a shorter duty cycle than a regular clock - in which case the difference doesn’t matter. Only an assumption though!

Yes that’s a good idea, way better than handling the RESET manually.

4 quarter notes (16 steps / 1 bar), but you’ll find that there are many creative uses in manually messing with the reset signal (to make a pattern stutter or loop on shorter than 16 steps).

Yes, the RESET input is the way to go!