Sync and note stepping?

I’m prob doing something really basic wrong, but when flip the sync switch, my smooth vco that glides between pitches now steps. Nice and digital sounding, but I’m not sure how to turn that off and get a smooth sync sweep.

Maybe try using a slide and it wont retrigger the envelope?

“Move the pitch bend lever (the position doesn’t matter) before recording a note, and this note will be slid.”

I don’t understand the problem. Maybe post a short audio clip?

So I reset the Anushri just to make sure it wasn’t an odd setting. When I use exp FM, turning the knob either way for envelope or LFO settings, both oscillators go up and down together smoothly. When I turn on the sync knob, the oscillator itself moves smoothly, but the SUB seems to jump in volume from none to full and jump octaves in pitch once you go more than halfway in either direction, which of course impacts how the oscillator itself sounds due to the sync. It sounds REALLY cool, but not like standard sync sounds (in which the lower oscillator is usually static pitch). Is this a feature or is something off?

(not sure how to post a sound example as the site won’t take large files, a soundcloud link perhaps?)

I’d like to hear a soundcloud clip.

It doesn’t sound like a bug to me. If the main oscillator has the formant-ish sync sound, it’s normal that the sub will be very weird. Just don’t mix the sub in.

starts off with sync switch on, oscillator FM by envelope, no sub, then slowly fade the sub in. Then start again, do the same thing with FM by sine wave LFO. Then do it with sync switch off.

This is normal.

Your VCO doesn’t do anything wrong - you can hear it do the classic hardsync “ewwww”.

The “steppy” sequence comes from the sub.

I think you are expecting the sub to be always one or two octaves below the VCO, but that’s not how sub-oscillators works! What a sub oscillator does is generate a signal that changes polarity on each ascending edge of the input waveform (or on each second ascending edge for the -2 octave setting). This happens to generate a signal one octave below if the input waveform is something simple enough, with one edge per period, like a sawtooth or square wave. As soon as the input waveform is complex and has several edges per cycle (for example when you introduce hard sync), strange things happen… If the input signal is a hard-synced square, the sub will play a square wave at f_master * [ f_slave / f_master ]. So this will play the natural harmonics of the master frequency!

You’ve never heard this before because I don’t think there’s any other synth with both hardsync and a sub - the sub is usually a trick to fatten a single VCO voice.

Hello Olivier, thanks so much for the swift reply (and sorry or my slow response. But I’m glad to find out this is normal, I honestly prefer it sounding this way because it’s so unusual, but glad to find out it’s not something wrong with it. Thanks again)

If you want the ‘normal’ sync sound, switch from sub to ‘DCO’, since that’s the sync master it’ll beef up the fundamental, which it what it sounds like you want?

I like either way, bigger concern was that something wasn’t wrong, or I wasn’t misunderstanding something.