Sync 2 x Yarns

I have 2 Yarns. I want one to play a sequence and the other to play the euclidean rhythm generator in time with the first (i.e. have the 2nd yarns clocked from the 1st).

I have a MIDI cable from the OUT on the master Yarns to the IN on the slave Yarns, and the tempo of the slave set to EXT. I can get the slave Yarns to start playing a sequence in time when I hit start/stop on the master yarns, I just can’t get the euclidean rhythm generator to start (or even play) on the slave Yarns in time with the first.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Are you also sending a note to the Slave’s Arpeggiator to make it start?

from the manual:
Yarns’ arpeggiator starts immediately whenever a key is pressed on the keyboard. When all keys are released, the arpeggiator continues running for a few clock ticks (a length equivalent to an eighth note); and if no key has been pressed in this short period, it stops. This short window allows glitch-free play when transitioning from one chord to another in an arpeggiated sequence.