Switch on rotary encoder does not work (anymore)

I just assembled an Ambika, unfortunately I had to de-solder the rotary encoder since the shaft was too short to get through the case. After putting in the correct encoder the switch function does not work any longer.

I tested the top two leads of the encoder with a multimeter – the switch itself seems to work (at least it does the same thing as the previous one I took out). Getting the other encoder out was a bit messy (just starting this DIY stuff), so my guess is I damaged the contact on the board!

Is there a way to narrow down the diagnosis?
Is there a way to “mcgyver” the contact on the board back to life (take away some of the surface to get a connection), or do I need to replace the whole thing? It seems that I could use the synth without that function and just use the buttons, right?

Thanks in advance, Stephan

PS. I just signed in yesterday, but I have been lurking for quite some time. Very nice forum! All of my other questions have been solved by just reading around here ; ).

Looking at the schematics
the encoder switch is connected to GND on one Side and to Pin 23 on the ATMega. Just trace these and see which one is broken, then use a good ole wire to replace the broken Trace on the PCB.

EDIT: Looking at this Picture:
you can see the right Pin of the Encoders Switch (the ones to the Back, seen from BELOW) should be connected to GND, the left should be connected to PIN 23 of the ATMega (right side 3rd from below).

See the attached Pic on how to solder the replacement wires.

That was super fast, I will try that asap and come back to report.
Thanks, Stephan

The ground one was fine, just had to solder the other pin to the ATMega.
Worked great, thanks again!

I wonder it works, the pic clearly shows you were supposed to use a red wire :wink:

Hahaha, the curve is also different – despite all that it seems to work.

What a wonderful robust and fault tolerant constriction the Ambika is….