Switch alternatives to the TL1100

does anyone know any alternatives to the widely used tl1100 switch? I’m not a huge fan of it’s click feeling.

The alternative should have many switch caps available (or is there maybe an switch which also works with the tl1100 caps). The footprint doesn’t need to be the same, however it should be a through hole or smd switch.

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are lots of 12mm tact switches with different styles of plungers, or just round little towers. Some Omrons have a very different click feeling… Most of the square plunger types are 3.8mm x 3.8mm instead of the 3.3mm square that’s on the TL1100F type. This means very different caps.

Which by the way is highly annoying…

(The different plunger sizes.)
I believe that there are TL1100s with different force required to activate, which should change the click feeling somewhat as well…

I found one other switch with 3.3mm: PVB
I also found a few 2.4mm plunger switches, but not sure if they will work with 3.3mm caps (maybe with some paper in it).

I love the feeling of the nord instruments switches. I found them, but you can’t change the cap: Link

Yes, Marquardts are generally great :wink: