Swap blue for yellow LEDs on Shruthi and an XT-related question

Can I swap the stock yellow LEDs for blue without changing resistors? And, about the XT top panel, what is the best way to remove the wax in the engraving so I can toss some paint in there?


It depends on the blue LEDs some are very very bright.

You may also want to read these, blue light isn’t generally very good for you

Article 1
Article 2

If you won’t change the resistor to something like 1k + . . . . .

For the Top: try heating it up to 45°C so the way becomes soft. Try some alcohol. For the wax, dude

Interesting articles. Why is it that cool stuff is never good for you!? Frank, thanks for the tip. I’ll try alcohol, it seems to work for everything, although there’s probably an article about it somewhere.

The alcohol you should try for yourselves at 45°C is Glühwein™

I found some blue LEDs at Mouser that work with the standard resistors:


They’re backordered, though- the page says they should be in stock on November 19th.

I asked because I already have a bunch. I might just try a few and see how they look.