SVG or Panel Dimensions for Midipal?

Is there an svg or list of the dimentions for the midipal LCD and knob somewhere online?


Actually I need this too.

I made this pdf from the board files on the github. Apparently the case file is not there.

That reminds me, how do the in out headers work? Is it two separate in our for midi, or jsut chaining midipals together?

Just chaining MIDIpals together. The MIDIpal only has 1 MIDI port. The in/out pins duplicate the UART input/output (it is NOT ok to put MIDI cables there).

Thanks! So, there are no case files online?

No, and Frank is on holidays, so nothing is going to happen until he’s back.

Paging @fcd72 as it seems he is back!

Latest Revision for 3mm Plexi attached - change .jpg to .eps


I couldn’t open the file. I did change it to .svg

Same here…

fcd72 said:

change .jpg to .eps

oops … now it works indeed :slight_smile: thanks

Corel exports only Schrott™ as .svg, so i go for .eps