SVF zeners

there’s probably more difference if you switch the diodes of both filters differently to each other (i only drew one channel)
like channel 1 one, channel 2 none and otherwise similar settings.
i forgot to bring the SVF home yesterday. i’ll try the mod and when i’m at it i can also try if there’s something to hear when taking the other one alone. but i doubt it.
how would it be with LEDs?

Leds are interesting because the shape of their knee is different from standard diodes. We use (and like) them a lot in guitar distortion stopboxes. The legend says that green, red and blue leds sound quite different, also (makes sense since their threshold is different).

The original blue LEDs were made in a totally different way to other LEDs and so are also much brighter too.

@MicMicMan Your probably right in that the difference is negligible, and about that the asymmetric wave forms of the oscillators would be a different case entirely.