SVF Tuning range?

Is it me, or does it seems that this voice card also suffers from the same tuning issue (almost at the end of the range) that the Dual SVF does? I assume the same changes that were made for the midnight edition apply here? (i.e. 33k to 22k, 15K to 10K). What other of the new dual SVF would apply to the SVF ambika card?


Assumed wrong :frowning: made it 10x worse. With the default values, I could almost get to 3 octaves but not quite.

Should work the same… Which resistors have you changed?

the two 33ks to 22K and the 15K to 10K. The filter starts to self oscillate at a very low cutoff and I cant even get the span close to two octaves let alone 3. Also worth noting that I am using Murata trimmers and the couple I have left over are at the edge of the 20% tolerance (~4.8k)

That’s strange. Are you sure you have changed the ones around IC1A (on each side of the Zener)?


I’ll double check since it was late…

You know what, I think I know where I goofed. I was testing the wrong card… Any other changes worth making based on the midnight edition part swaps?

No, that’s it.