SVF gain stage modification? Ambika

Has anybody experimented with the gain staging on SVF boards?
Ambika is very harsh to my ears. I understand that the wav forms are a low bit rate & the synth will inherently be harsh but am curious about the gain staging.

What do you mean by gain staging, and how do you think this could improve sound?

Can you actually hear clipping or noise?

no i can’t but the filter its self also sounds very harsh. Im just interested in may be making it sound nicer. Wondering if maybe changing some caps could help with that or may be the filter may respond differently to different level.

It sounds just like a 2-pole filter should sound :slight_smile: It’s based on a 2164 VCA, not on OTAs, not on transistors, not on CMOS inverters abused as op-amp, so that’s actually the milder, nicer kind of SVF filter there can be out there!

What you perceive as “harsh” are probably the oscillators.

Of course, we can’t discard the possibility of a build issue. A video could help!

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