Svf filter-caps C37-C41 ceramic 220p

Sorry if these is a silly question. I have in the drawer these ones:

They are n22 mylar I Think, so they are 220 pF If I’m not wrong.
may I use them? is there many difference between ceramic and Mylar, (and round caps like a pill?).
Thank you

Capacitors are marked in strange ways sometimes, but I would assume that those caps are really 22nF so they way off from being 220pF.

Pro-tip: Search for a multi-meter that can also measure capacitance. It’s saved my bacon a couple of times when the capacitor marking was hard to understand and the component bag wasn’t telling me.

Hi, thanks. I believed that they are 220pF. But I’ll test them. M

I have found this link:
I believe it is 220pf. Butif the value is correct may I use instead of ceramic one?

Ahh! Good find signore Marco!

So the n22 means that the n before the numbers is like writing .22! Bookmarked that page :slight_smile:
Then you’re OK with those. Sometimes the capacitor type is critical like low ESR or temperature stability in a filter, but most times it’s OK to use ceramics instead.


Sorry. But mylar are better or worse than ceramics? i think best but I don’t know. And the rounded caps like a pill, whath’s their name? are good or bad, better or worse than ceramics?
in the Bom Ihave read ceramics, so If they are better no problem? I’ m a little bit dazed and confuzed…
as usual.

Sure you can replace ceramic caps with mylar ones, their reputation is even better in audio application than ceramic ones.
The best choice i believe would be to use “styroflex” (i believe it’s the “pills” you were talking about), just like in the 4PM edition, but there’s barely room for it on the dual SVF board.

Don’t be upset by the various capacitors choices. Apart from electrolytic, and even ‘worse’ tantale, they all are quite OK on an audio path. Think of the good old synthesizers, filters or audio consoles and preamps from the 60s and 70s when they only had those ceramic caps that one would consider as pure crap™ nowadays.
I believe it’s more important to have something that fits the room you have for your board. Buying those expensive and huge NOS “tropical fish capacitors” is, to me, a complete non-sense.

Hi, thank you. I think we all love old historical synth made from pure craps™ components.

After all, it’s analog, do you want it to be “perfect” or “exacting”? :slight_smile: