SVF Filter after sysex

sigh somehow my svf ain’t the same anymore and it used to work fine after tuning the machine … one of them doesn’t respond, neither cut nor res, env.
what I did today was sending some of the official patches, one by one via sysex to try them out.
this brings up another question: are those compliant with the svf board?
I tried syx firmware rewrite with no improvement to the issue.

it’s md1 and (!) cutoff does respond (!) when in lp< bp< hp< modes but not in lpf …
res doesn’t, not even in lp< …
I’m very curious about this.

Patches will work on a SVF Shruthi - they might not sound as intended because of the differences in filter response.

I don’t really understand your problem. When you boot the synth, do you get sound? Does it react to cutoff/resonance? Does md1 affect sound?

svf & patches: okay I thought so

md1 does not affect sound, no.

once assembled, the synth worked fine in every respect. the last actions were tuning the filters, especially then the cutoffs of both md1 and md2 responed well. yesterday I sent sysex with factory patches data (one by one with patch transfer command 0x01) and it received okay, I listened to some of them and noticed md2 always gets set to cut 0 res 0 md1 lpf md2 +lp, so initally there is no sound …

actually, since the factory patches yesterday, cut and res and also the routing via matrix to it doesn’t.
but read my post 2 (!) cutoff does respond (!) when in lp< bp< hp<

I’m on it. I got another shruthi svf and I try that one to retrace the problem.

firmware is 0.97 and I burned it myself. I will send you the commands (avrdude and sysex messages if you want to have a look)


do you have the filtermode set to SVF?

shftr. yes :wink:

I checked now with the other/newer svf shruthi and there I don’t have the problem. Maybe it has to do with the firmware. I flashed it differently on the first chip. maybe I don’t lock the bits correctly.
Maybe it has got to do with the connectors between the boards? I’ll check that, have to take it apart again …
regarding the firmware, see my new post

it turned out that the problem and assumption were unrelated. The control boards connectors weren’t sitting on the audio board properly when assembled due to shortish stackable headers.

it caused one filter function to set out, after a few days audio alltogether, so I asumed this …

it’s working fine now anyway