SVF debugging

So I finally completed my SVF board, and I was gonna try and test it but I didn’t get the 6 pin male to female adapter thing to accommodate the height. I was trying to see if there was anyway I could test it because I’m not getting any audio currently. Wasn’t sure if it’s because the output expansion isn’t connected or if it’s another error. Any help would be appreciated, a mouser number for a 6-pin adapter thing would be nice, and what to check if I’m no getting output (that is if it’s not just the 6-pin left unconnected being the problem).

Thanks, any help is appreciated!

You really need the connection… You could use wires.

Good to know, I might try to use alligator clips to get them while I wait for another piece. I already put both sides and Im lazy to have to remove them so I can put some wires down. Plus it makes it a pain to actually trouble shoot just in case I need to.

Sucks now I have to wait a couple days to see if I can go any further haha

And don’t forget to set the filter to SVF in the settings!

So It doesn’t output any sound. Mind telling me where I should follow and what I should get a long the way? I get both my negative and positive 5 volts when checking, I don’t have an audio probe and probably wont be able to make one for the next couple days but any help would be awesome.

I trying to follow the path of the OSC which I see goes to a 100k resistor but it shows no continuity Im assuming my problem is right there off the bat but any welcome recommendations would be awesome.

Hi , i think we need a little more info … Solder points OK , … Maybe you have made a shot between the
alligator clips ??

Oh I forgot about this thread. Actually.

I actually skipped alligator clips just waited for the part and did that. So I do have all the 6/8 pin adapters. I was busy so I decided not to go any further with trouble shooting. Was gonna wait till my friend was available to allow me to use his oscilloscope.

Solder points all seem clean but I can re flow all of them just in case. I don’t get any sound. I can hear the oscillator when I go with my cheap audio probe, I couldnt really hear it from any of the legs of the VCA’s so I guess that might be an issue there. I gotta go back to it to remember whats the issue with it.

Ill take a picture of the back and front, maybe you guys can catch something I dont see