SVF aid

Hi guys,

Just received a lovely SVF and am now taking it through its strange and bleepy paces. Something I’m not quite understanding is the serial/parallel notation for Filter 1. The Shruthi seems to differ to the manual. I understand that for Filter 2 “lpf >” means ‘Parallel Low Pass’… but what does it mean when Filter 1 is “lpf <”? Surely Filter 2 is parallel or additive to filter 1… and that’s it? Why the ‘<’ modifier on Filter 1?

Thanks in advance!

The < modifier on filter 1 is a rather recently added option which makes filter 2 cutoff control’s relative to filter 1’s cutoff (64 = same cutoff as filter 1 ; 127 = positive offset ; 0 = negative offset).

Aha! Genius! Makes the little beast even more flexible. Nice job.