Sustain pedal poly behaviour [bug?]

Hi all,

Just wanted to report an issue with the Ambika sustain handling in polyphonic mode. When using the same sound on all 6 channels of my Ambika (v.1.0 firmware) I get the following (erroneous) behaviour:

  • press sustain, and hold
  • press and release same key several times (up to 6)
  • release sustain

For each time a key is pressed a new voice is allocated. It plays and holds it’s note, even after the key is release. This is what sustain is meant to do. However, from the second key press on new voices are allocated. This behaviour is arguably not very usefull, as it results in a form of unison that eats away voices very quickly. I would personally choose to have the same voice retrigger, instead of allocating a new one. But I can see how this is just a decision in the design with both pro’s and con’s. However, it really becomes a bug after releasing the sustain pedal. Only the last voice that was allocated now receives the proper note-off, while the other five keep on going… certainly not what should be happening. They shut off after a while (good catch from software), but way too late.



I’ll look into that.

Can you confirm that the problem occurs in “cyclic” mode rather than in “poly” mode?

Is it fixed now?

Yes and yes! It did indeed occur only in cyclic mode, sorry I should have mentioned that (but forgot I left the Ambika in that mode). And yes, it’s fixed now, thanks so much for the great support!