Just an idea i had while playing around with marbles…
A possible v2 of branches could have the following features:

A button switching between propability and division: in division mode, a 50/50 propability yields a /2 clock division with the first output giving out every “first” gate and the second output giving out every second gate. Same rules apply for e.g. 75/25 propabilities, yielding a division by 4. here, output one would send every gate except the fourth.

A second button would act like marbles’ deja vu in 12 o’ clock position, looping the last 16 decisions made. Propability knob works like bias in marbles’ branch mode.
In division mode, this button would change output ones behavior from sending every gate except the one output two sends to dividing by the double value selected for output one.

The two additional buttons and one additional cv input would probably make the module 8hp but it would increase its range of use tremendously without overcluttering the interface.
Also, in 8hp one could add attenuverters for the propability cv inputs.

What do you guys think about this? Yay or nay?

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After hearing the division mode in Marbles I’d be interested in something like this.

I thought it would be cooler to have it stubbornly divide so you can use unpredictable things as inputs as well when using division mode (you live drumming, random gates, grids with chaos turned up etc)

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