Superbooth - meet up?

Hey y’all!

I’ll be at the superbooth on all three days and AFAIK there will be others from this forum as well.
I’d be fun to get to know some of you guys in person - is anyone up for a meet up?

I’m there from Thursday through Saturday! I’m all in favour of a meetup! let’s define a time and place and then all wear silly hats so we recognize each other! :smiley:

I’m there on Friday!

Hi! I’ll be there too, mostly on the 4ms booth. I’m all in for a meet up!

Olli is sick ?

Olli… bonne amélioration pour vous :slight_smile: Rolf from DE-GENERATOR team

Okay, so it seems like friday would be best. It’s kind of hard to find a time-slot where there’s nothing cool to miss. I’d say 20°° would be a good spot - what do you think?
Regarding the place: There is this one location that immediately comes to my mind :wink:

Sadly I won’t be going, and I have to skip MEFF too - even if I were in a better shape my doctor strongly advised against flying for a couple of weeks until my ear is fully drained.

Have fun, and please post a pic of my “bhoot-booth” if they set up the system/banner I had sent. The 14-HP in the left corner are for an O_C.

All the best to you!

Too bad
But keep an eye on your ears - they are important!
Get well soon!

Get well soon Olivier! Your ears are dear to us.

Mutable table is still empty…

So the 21st, 8 pm @Mutable table? (sadly without the maestro)

I’m so sorry.
I wanted to say personally, very vary big thanks for the great help on the last years for my project. Without his help, so we would not have gone that far… Geetings and the best healthiness :))

First picture from Superbooth17 with DE-GENERATOR (red arrow). The man with long hair is Julian from Sonic Potions. Its a nice guy…

8pm today @ MI table works for me!

Cool… you can make a pic of your hardware ?

New videos from Superbooth 17 in Berlin

from MusoTalk in Berlin
from Sonicstate of Superbooth from sonicstate

Is the booth still empty?

It was empty yesterday - I didn’t look today.

did any of you actually meet at SB? I was there looking out for you guys… but it seemed like nobody showed up.