Superbooth 2018


@pichenettes will you have a stand in Superbooth 2018 ?

other colleagues who of you will be there ?


Olivier mentioned in a thread here or on muffs that he won’t be there.

I’m heading over, both as person-in-booth and as drooling modular geek. :slight_smile:


That’s sad after last year’s bad luck…

I’ll be there all three days. I’m looking forward to revive our attempts of a community meetup. Last year we spectacularly missed each other and I hope we do better this time! It would be great to finally get to know some of you fellows!


FYI the list of exhibitors


I’ll be on my way to Berlin tomorrow morning and will be there until Sunday. Sad to see that there won’t be a mutable booth after all.

Anyway, if anyone’s up for a chat (or some pizza) drop me a message :wink:


Some very neat new gear at SB this year! But so far i’ve not seen any new modules I want. Which is a relief because my case has been full for a while already and im stubbornly refusing to expand :smirk:


similarly I’m mentally holding space for Clouds 2 and refusing to seriously consider anything that isn’t it… kind of refreshing :joy: