Superbooth 2016 Berlin anyone?

So there will be a dedicated Synthesizer-Messe just before Musikmesse. Taking place in the „Funkhaus“ Berlin, a legendary place that I always wanted to visit. Herr Schneider from Schneidersladen is the mastermind behind it – it looks like it’s going to be fun. Big Names will show up but also – and more important – „not so big yet but quite familiar“-Names. Sadly there is no MI on the Exhibitors list … but maybe next year? I’d love to go there on friday but I’m still not sure if I can make it. Anyone planing to go there? Maybe we could meet up.

Oh that looks really good! I could imagine to go there - coming from Dresden

I grabbed my ticket just yesterday…

I will be there on Friday evening and Saturday only, but I will be there!

Ich hab noch einen Synthi (Koffer) in Berlin…

I still have a synthi (suitcase) in Berlin (Song from Marlene Dietrich)

I’m intending on going. Yamaha are holding a dealer event in Berlin to coincide with it.

I am also there

Currently packing my stuff for tomorrows superbooth. I just realized that my ticket is valid from 2pm to 10pm. But there are events starting at 10am already. I can’t seem to find how to enter before 2pm, all the tickets are only valid between 2-10pm.

You need a “pro” ticket to enter before 2PM

I am there from about tomorrow at 12 o´clock!

Really cool!

There are many videos of the superbooth16 on youtube.

LIVE Doepfer Masterpatch
New Doepfer A 111-2 A
Dave Smith
Moog Island @ Superbooth16
William Mattewson live performance

and much more…

PS: Where was oliver :wink:

Here’s a video of an interview with Florian Schneider (yes, that Florian Schneider!), in German - but he performs live - then an interview in English with some bloke who makes sound performance installation art things, and finally a performance featuring Tim Gane (yes, that Tim Gane, of Stereolab fame) - which the film crew didn’t seem very impressed with:

Btw, I was able to enter the show at 10am even though I had a regular ticket starting from 2pm. I was among the first guests and it was great. Definitely not as loud as later on.

Oh and I’ve seen so many MI modules (mainly Braids and Clouds). At the moog island there was a clouds sitting in a rack with a mother32. Actually I had more fun with the clouds than with the moog unit.