Super glue on circuit boards ok?

Modding my MC202. Soldered a couple of wires direct to a surface mount chip. Is it ok to put some superglue on the circuit board to keep these connections extra stability?

wont hurt anything. Personally, I use a hot glue gun for stuff like this

Should be ok, but I would try it on a small area at the edge first, particularly cheap Chinese clones of super glue have a tendency to dissolve stuff :confused:

don’t use superglue around anywhere you plan to solder later. Burning superglue contains all kinds of wonderful fumes that can kill you. Cyanide for instance.

Cheers. Ill hot glue.

@deadmonkey haaa! Thought my head was going to fly off the other day when I was soldering and my girlfriend was painting her nails.

You can use glue gun like this,
and it’s easy to remove for further modification…

Superglue DOES NOT contain Cyanid

In any state it exists in

Although super glue doesn’t contain cyanide CN- , the chemical reaction known as combustion could create the ion.