Received last week within days of a lovely parcel filed with good karma, some bandaids fro my shruti-1 (running nicely now THANK U!) and the custom to build my shruthi.
Here are my first impressions on Alessandro and Scott’s new modular sampler design.


OK, am i to old to understand, but i listened for 4 minutes and heared nothing really musical, mostly disharmonic noisy looping stuff, at least to me. Although the concept is quite intersting i’d like to see what happened if you put in some more usefull samples eg drumloops to sample b and some arps to sampler a. Is there a way to flash the samples by yourself?

Define musical…
but yeah it’s not tonal or melodic in any way…
I’ve been playing around with it for some time and find it quite fun, but the real kick would be to add my own samples I agree… let’s see if someone comes up with a solution for this.

I need money to buy christmas presents… so I have to sell some stuff.
As much as I hate it, the SuONOIO will be the first to go… it’s really a nice toy to play with, but it’s the most expendable I have… so if anyone wants it… it’s here on ebay