Alesssandro Cortini (of Nine Inch Nails fame) teamed up with the Harvestman to create a small portable synth to go along with his upcoming album SONOIO. The whole thing looks kind of interesting, though it’s not really clear what you will be able to do with this synth… but it sounds interesting!
What do you think about it?

Looks like a loop-player (with predefined loops on eeprom) with several effects, not really a synth…

This was thoroughly dissed and made fun of on the WTPA forums already :stuck_out_tongue:

Not everything that somehow oscillates is a synth… from what i can hear from the youTube videos my son (age 4) would get bored after 30 secs . .

I had almost forgotten about the thread, sorry… anyway, It’s certainly no Shruti but it seems fun to me, and you even get patchcords for some semi modular action. I could not resist the idea of building a case for it, so I got one, I’ll let you know when it arrives… I hope I haven’t wasted my money on this… my only concern is that it uses samples from the sonoio album (it’s a gimmick for the album) but since they are stored on eproms it should be possible to just replace them…

You could fill the Eproms with Shruthi-Samples . . .

yeah! that’s an idea! so I don’t need to build me one… hihi :slight_smile:

If the Shruthi had an A/D Converter i would have said something like you only need one bit to make it sound like these samples :wink:

But hey, its shure fun building such a noise-machine - keep us informed and post some mp3s.

I will!
They have started production afaik so I should get mine soon

They are at the shipper and go out this week. Pics and manual here:
(also: Could someone please delete my mispelt new topic msg?

second batch taking preorders. I find a lot of range in mine. wish teh lfo/ramp had an led and teh filtervca had an lcr.

In the end I forgot to post some feedback on the device here on the forums, but I guess now that batch 2 is out, it’s a goot time to do it.
In the end I think the negative expectations of many people here on the forums turned out to be correct for me… I got bored quite quickly by the thing and sold it a couple of weeks later. In the end I agree that the Suonoio to me is just a pricy promotional gadget with little interest for the music making, though of course this might be completely different for other people. I was almost a bit mad at myself to have fallen into Cortini’s marketing trap.
I mean the device could have been great, I find the basic idea of it still good. So give it some means of changing the samples and a better pcb design. Maybe add some CV inputs of sorts and you could really have some useful!

I’m just talking of the first batch, don’t know if any of this has changed in batch 2