Suggestions for Home Studio Monitors / Near Field


anyone on a pair of Genelec 8330a? I wonder if the calibration software could help in not-that-great-setup situations…


Happy with my Focal Alpha 50s.


In the end I got a pair of Adam F5, while I didn’t compare them directly with the more expensive A5X they do sound pretty good to me, with a decent low end (for a 5") and and good clarity, and the price seems just right.


@aroom I changed monitors a couple of months ago and hesitated/compared for a long time; I finally went with Genelecs 8030s. I’m not sure what the 8330 bring. What I can tell you is that I haven’t looked back: it’s a pleasure to listen to, and everything I mix is infinitely more precise than on my previous little Fostex (no wonder). They’re terribly placed in the living room of my little Parisian apartment, yet with a little eq adjustment on the back I managed to tame stationary waves to a reasonable amount.


@mqtthiqs ho nice. it’s so nice for me to be able to get an opinion on this specific model. the 8330a are almost the same but they have a DSP that you can calibrate, with a specific mic and a genelec software. so you don’t have the dip switch anymore.

just a few questions then :

  • do you use them with a sub? if not, how are they responding ?
  • do you use them only for mixing or also to play/record synths/modular/instruments ?
  • and what’s the size of your room ? meaning how close the monitor are from your listening point ?

thanks mate for the precisions, really appreciated


@aroom happy to help!

> - do you use them with a sub?

No; I have neighbors :slight_smile:

> if not, how are they responding ?

They’ve been bothered by the bass even without one :slight_smile:
The bass response is pretty nice for the size; listening to them side by side with other monitors of the same price range (Neumann, Adam, that French brand I can’t recall the name right now), they had the most bass response and the more pristine mid/highs. People say that they are a bit flattering, which I don’t have enough of an ear to judge.

> – do you use them only for mixing or also to play/record synths/modular/instruments ?

Mixing, play instruments, listen to music casually.

> – and what’s the size of your room ?

like 15 m2.

> meaning how close the monitor are from your listening point ?

You’re going to laugh: right now they are smacked right against the wall in a 30cm-deep indent. That’s maybe 70cm-1m away from my head. This is probably the worse one can do (and I still get decent sound) I can’t do otherwise until I move to the suburbs :slight_smile:


Do somebody have IK iLoud Mikro ? or try in any occasion ?

What do you think about them ?


I’m not sure I’d take a 3" speaker, except for really small spaces. Usually a 5" would give you a better bottom end. Plus I’m not sure about IK, the couple of things I had from them, were all pretty cheap and badly made. But that of course is not something I can say about everyting, I only had the iRig MIDI and their cheapo iPhone audio interface (which is little more than a 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack adapter).


not sure how to read the graphic but I’d say the cut off everything below 50hz… or do I read it wrong?


> I’d say the cut off everything below 50hz

Yes, their DSP might do that, but this is not a big deal as there’s no way such a small speaker can accurately reproduce such low frequencies.


@rumpelfilter I bought a pair of KRK VXT4 which led me to open this thread at the time :slight_smile: but now I need to scaled down due to space limitations so I am looking for something simple and small that I can hear the bleeps and bloops :slight_smile: that I making. Not necessarily for monitoring purpose like a music studio.

I am open to all ideas


Some people suggested the 3" Monkey Bananas, apparently they’re not bad for small speakers.

@pichenettes: yes, I don’t think a 3" woofer can really do that either.


@rumpelfilter I could not find any 3" on their website. Which specific model are you referring to ?


Maybe it was 4"… can’t remember exactly, but I think it was these shapes like a coffin


I’m currently using a pair of KRK ROKIT 5 G3 active monitors which I’m really enjoying. I did place them on slanted isolation platforms and I also used the built-in EQ to tweak the response for the admittedly not entirely optimal acoustics of the room they’re in.

These are certainly not the most “analytical” option out there, but they do seem to manage being well-balanced for mixing while still sounding pleasant and fun for jamming and casual desktop listening.


Had to sell my HS80M and matching HS10W sub for cash couple of years ago. Just finally back into the game with some Focal Alpha 65s and they are very nice, haven’t mixed & listened back yet but they seem pretty flat and do have good bass, will need a sub eventually but do sound good on their own