Suggestions for Home Studio Monitors / Near Field


I am also thinking to get a pair of proper small monitors, I went to a shop with a test room where I could listen to , and the Yamaha HS50m were really appealing, small and affordable and I found they sounded very good even compared to more expensive ones…
@oootini if you plan to get the cheapest Genelecs, I would recommend you try to listen to them somewhere: I had a feeling they didn’t sound as good as the HS50m, even though they were more expensive…


these, they are red. don’t know how they sound. but they are red. red is nice. you can also get them in black, but I bet the red sounds better. red red red. They’re red.


@dasnut so red… I want some. In red. Great name too. Most importantly, though, they’re red.
Are they strawberry, or raspberry flavour, I wonder…



@smugric I’ve heard them at galleries and thought they were really impressive. 5.1 and 5.0 set ups. space is a real issue and bass isn’t. would like to try them as 2.0 on a small desk for sure though.


Reviving this thread for a moment…

Anyone used Event TR8 before? A pair are for sale locally for $175USD. My “studio” room is about 10x12 feet and I would have to rearrange to fit such speakers on or behind my desk, but the price seems good! Apparently they are comparable to HS80.


I use the Mackie MR6mk2’s - the mk3’s are out but a bit more expensive ($199 apiece). I like 'em a lot - they are active and can get LOUD in a smal space :slight_smile:


Presonus Eris E5 (if you want small monitors)… heard it together with few other monitors in this range and they are best… btw i have Eris E8 - awesome monitors, wondering why they are so cheap - they plays almost as good as KRK VXT8 but for almost only half a price…


I had the TR5’s and hated them. The 20/20’s are nice but are passive. The KRK’s are great low budget monitors. I have the Rockit 8’s and absolutely love em.


My favorites: Tannoy System 600 with Nakamichi IA-3 Amp.

I always loved the original JBL Control 1 (no suffix, red label) but in the meantime 8 of 10 passed away (need reconing) as their crimping turned into dust.


I use a pair of Yamaha HS50 with a Yamaha HS-10 subwoofer … i’m lucky with that


No compromises: Neumann KN120A

Next X-mas…hrhrhr


I just took delivery of some Equator D5s off ebay, if I hadn’t won them I think I’d be looking at Adam F5s. I wanted something very analytical sounding, but for a more ‘fun’ speaker I reckon Mackie MR or KRK Rokits would do the trick.


It’s been said before here but I’ll say it again: you need a treated environment in order for any monitors to be worth money you spend on them. For example, I have Adam A7xes but I only really use them to do full listens to mixes and spend more time mixing with my AKGK702s.

I’m trying to figure out a way to make the treatments look good and not spend $5000- it’s not easy. My girl won’t have egg crate foam all over the apartment!

No matter what monitors you buy, you’ll still be spending 3 times as long on a mix without a treated room.


small size, cheap price, the PreSonus Eris E5 works good


@dasnut: I would bet they would sound a lot better if they were banana-shaped. Red Strawberry Banana FTW! Though red is good. Sounds really red. Might increase probablility of broken computer screens, keyboards and mice though. Also might increase chance of red.


And anyway. I would get a pair of Adam A5X. Why save on anything less good than that. Monitors are for life. Well… for a long time anyway.


I think the Monkey Banana folks are onto something with their product naming. In my recent monitor quest I had the choice of D5, E5, F5, MR5, RP5…blah blah blah. Calling your monitors “Strawberry Banana Bubblegum Spaceship” or whatever definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. Even if it starts to sound like a japanese kid’s TV show.


@qp what didn’t you like about the TR5?

Since I don’t have a treated room (using headphones so far), my plan is just to have something decent besides my AKG k240 headphones and amps to play back on in my studio room and if I need to get a more ‘pro’ mix I’ll take it elsewhere, though I will probably get a rug and make some foam panels for the wall soon. I am looking for something that I can hopefully get used and fairly cheap since I don’t have a space which will justify something like ADAMs.


+1 for HS80s, I have the sub as well but that’s more for listening than mixing. Set-up does for a hi-fi connected to spotify/CD player and the missus likes the sound too. Saved up for them and very very pleased, noticed difference in mixes and listening to Autechre is pretty cool. Pricey but they look pretty sturdy so will have for a while. Got some foam for them to sit on & taking my chances with the room :slight_smile: (I know that’s bad but they sound awesome enough already so I’d rather spend money on a synth or something rather than bass traps until I actually am in danger of my mix quality really mattering).


Gotta jump in here with the Behringer 2030A’s. Had them about eight years now and they deliver a really nice punch at the bottom end and are capable of shredding ear drums up top! £250 for the pair…