Suggestions for Home Studio Monitors / Near Field


I am really an amateur home noise maker (at least my wife calls my music like that ).

Now number of noise making gear is increasing with help of MI so I would like the hear their noises better.

I have Creative GigaWorks T20 MK1 speakers which is OK for listen some music but no good for my synths.

Space around my desk is limited so I tend to look for small size ( especially 4"s ) ,small footprint near field monitors and I like quite bassy sounds

  • I found KRK VX4 is nice but expensive

  • Behringer announced NEKKST series and NEKKST 5 looks interesting

What other small size footprint , sound good and budget monitors would you suggest ?

JBL Control 1 (ok, im biased, as i am used to them for 25 years now…and i have a SubControl 1 as well and it makes for a perfec near field Monitor).

On my Living Room Setup (yes, i have such a thing) i have Behringer Truth B1030 A active monitors. Personally i like the JBL better but they are besides some faint noise when everything else is silent quite neutral - as a Monitor should be - and Value for Money.

I have a set of KRK Roket8’s and I love em. Trying to get small speakers output proper bass is hard. Generally, there are sacrifices when the bass response is increased with small speakers. Your best bet is to get some nice smallish near fields that do not have a lot of bass output but focus more on the mid and high range and get a sub.

I haven’t really heard anything but good about the Yamaha HS-80, or alternatively the HS-50, although they(HS-50) all but require the NS-10 subwoofer if you do stuff where bass is important…

I personally don’t like the look of KRKs Monitors, but they do sound really clear, so that’s a plus ^^

Have you considered a good pair of headphones? Discussing monitors and headphones is a bit like discussing religion and politics but I have a pair of Grado SR325s and Grado SR125s and really like them.

@piscione I have Sennheiser HD 25-SP II which I am quite happy

I was really impressed with these FOSTEX monitors recently.

@shiftr I came a cross to them last year in MusikMesse and quite liked it but there was no possibility for a demo there at that moment.

Do you have them ? or Did you test them out ?

For nearfields, I use either an old pair of Tannoys (PBM-6.5) that I replaced the foam surrounds on, or a pair of Prodipe Ribbon 5 bi-amped, self-powered monitors. These are actually not too bad and not having to have a separate amp around is kinda nice.

I bought 4 of them for a quadrophonic theatre installation. I mixed one project on them. They sounded really nice and quite honest and natural. I was really surprised how well they compared to my genelecs 8040s. I don’t really know about bass response though, the project didn’t have much bass in it.

The HS-80M sounds very nice with the HS-10W but it is not absolutely necessary:-)

Happy HS-80 user here.

For headphone, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-650, which to my ears, sounds pretty good. They’re consumer hi-fi headphones, and not specifically designed for studio work, but they’ve had good reviews in music tech magazine and websites. They’re pretty comfortable, and bass response is good. The downsides are they’re open-backed, so they’re pretty loud ‘on the outside’, and wouldn’t be suitable as monitor headphones if you’re recording vocals etc. There’s also a problem with the plastic headband breaking. It’s replaceable, but expensive.

In terms of speakers, I have a pair of M-Audio CX-5 active nearfield monitors. I’m not able to turn them up very load though because of the thin walls between our house and the adjoining one, so I can’t really comment on how good they are. They sounds OK to me, and they’re fairly compact.


if I had to get some monitors now and not spend a fortune I’d go for the new Adam f5

I have had the Behringer Truth passive B2031P for about 1 month. I am really liking them…but I came from a pair of M-Audio AV30, which were not ideal for synth playing. They cost be about $250 for the pair. I power them with (don’t laugh) a Yamaha home theater receiver…perfectly good for a hobbyist. No complaints so far. Very nice for the money.

I power my JBLs with a 20year old harman/kardon Amp… it didnt get better till then.

I powered the Tannoys with an HK hi-fi integrated amp for many years, works great. Speakers are essentially motors, and require clean power to operate well. The HKs have large power supplies and work very well for this sort of thing. The Tannoys are now in my son’s room and still powered by a smaller HK amp that is probably from the 1970s.

I need to throw my support in for the Yamaha HS-80s… Love em!

I have Numark NPM5s. They are very nicely balanced and can be fairly loud. I think they are one of the best speakers for roughly $100 (mine were $80). If you are doing a home studio on a budget, and happen to not be an audiophile, then they are perfect.

Hs 80s are huge and will totally take over a desk. not best suited for a small room…