Successful Trip to Schneiders!

This is an exciting moment!

Now you are DOOOMED™

… Fun though, right? :wink:


There would be a rotating clock multiplier in there too, but strangly the kit contained the faceplate for the expansion module… It’ll be going back tomorrow.

I see an Ikea Rast! :wink:

Indeed you do

Are those hydraulic patch tubes that you are using?

Yes, it’s for the lego technics interface

No, these are paranoia tubes…shielded like a tank ! :wink:

Watercooling your modular, cause overclocking your CPU/GPU im a gaming rig just doesn’t cut it!

They tangle less easily in a bag :wink:

I guess we could sell this to the old, rheumatic, half blind 5U aficionados :wink:

I hope you’ve got a really nice bank manager, you’re going to need one. :slight_smile:
Loads and loads of fun though.