Styroflex capacitors

Is it possible to get part numbers for optional styroflex caps for use in the SSM2044 board?

If I understand correctly, it’s for (C19, C30) and (C11, C21, C22, C36). I know what the values are supposed to be, but I’ve found some variations in other values (like 50v versus 200v) and what to make sure I don’t get the wrong ones.

for example, 220uf


The Voltage doesnt really matter since the board is only driven with ± 5 V. The rest is up to your personal choice and a bit unpredictable in which way it really affects Sound . . .

The parts from Reichelt I have are:


Wow. Thanks for the quick responses. I’m no electronics expert. I can follow kit designs and such. I was under the impression these were considered ideal instead of the film ones.

I may put in pin socket strip for those so I can swap out different ones without having to desolder. I’ll play around and see the difference in sound.

Good idea Filch, maybe you can post some recordings with one channel Film, the other Styro each playing the same thing simutaneously. This would add some real world arguments to the “Styroflex sounds better” Discussion.


note that the leads of those russian caps won’t fit in the female sockets. you’d have to use the long ones that are used as inter-board connectors for the shruthi

It’s a trick I learned from a midibox SID mb-6582 build. They used the female pin sockets stips for the SID chip caps. The MB-6582 had the option of using either 6581 or 6582/8580 SID chip versions which require different caps and voltages, and it made it easy to swap out capacitors if you wanted to change SID chips.

yeah that’s exactly where i’ve seen that in the first place, too. i referred to the link to Altitude’s thread that fcd72 posted. the russian caps you can see there won’t fit in the machined/precision sockets. all other caps i’ve seen fit, though. i still haven’t tried switching in different cap types on perfboard, but if i remember right, fcd72 had an idea how to switch them via shruthi’s gates

Yah, I doubt I’d find ones similar to those Russian caps any way.

Is lower tolerance preferable when it comes to these used for this application? I could import some 1% from Farnell, but I can get some 5% locally.

And so I’m clear here, which C# on the BOM are the ones I should use these for?
lowpass and high pass caps are C14, C17, C35, C37, C38 and C11, C21, C22, C36 ??
Please forgive my ignorance when it comes to this stuff.

i copied the URL from Altitude’s thread.
they’re the really big guys in that pic. more info is in the thread mentioned by fcd72 above.
usually less tolerance is better. Altitude says they sound fine, but i haven’t heard a direct comparison yet. i still have the standard film ones on the board (mostly because i intended to socket them and try some different types but that would require different types of sockets too. so that’s something i’ll try on perfboard)

Is that the SMR-4 board? I’m using the SSM2044 board.

oh, i don’t know about that one, haven’t built the SSM2044 yet

So based on the picture of the SSM2044 on the build page by pichenettes, I can see styrene caps in C21 and C30, so I’ll need two 6.8n. And based on pichenettes post here, the other ones are 560p, but which Cxx are they? All 5 of them?

The audio signal doesn’t go through the 4 560p caps around the SSM2164 - they are here as part of a compensation network to stabilize the SSM2164 inputs.

The only 560p that should be in styroflex is the one connected to the SSM2044, since this is where filtering happens!

So then I would just use styroflex for C21, C22, C35, and C36? Three 6.8n’s and one 560p

That’s what I did.