Stupid Question: Ambika Power When 9VAC Is Not Available

So the other day I managed to kill me multi-voltage AC adapter that I normally use for testing Ambika builds (and other things that require AC input). The only other AC power supply I have only goes down as low as 12VAC.

At a pinch, for testing purposes, could I use 12VAC. I’ve built power supplies before that will accept higher input AC voltages and (in rough terms) just makes the voltage regulators work harder.

Can I risk it? I’ve got an Ambika build to finish (final assembly and testing) and if I can’t use the 12VAC it’s going to add several more days until I can complete it.

Yes, you can use 12V AC, but the regulators will get damn hot after 10min of use, especially if you use more than 1 voicecard…

Well, considering it’s a fully stacked one (6 voice cards) I think I’ll wait for a 9V supply! :slight_smile:

Another solution:

Better solution:

Let’s overclock it !

@thijs: I’m not sure a family would deter anyone here from building an Ambika.

@audiohoarder Surely not. You just need a family-sized fridge to keep ’em cool when running them at 12V.

Pah! Where’s your pioneering spirit!?


There are more appropriate solutions for cooling an Ambika than a family refrigerator: