Stupid braids question

Loving my Braids but I have one (maybe very stupid) question : is it normal to not get any sound if I go straight from the output to an amp? I have a trigger and cv to v/oct input but I have to run it through my optomix to get sound.

Did you change your range setting with maybe +/- 2 octaves? I’m just thinking a guitar amp doesn’t have the same frequency range as monitor or a keyboard amp so it could just be out of it’s range.

You should be able to plug it directly into a mixer channel (as I’m doing right now) and get sound. What is the amp? Is it a VCA? That would more than likely need a control signal (ala envelope generator) to open it if it doesn’t have a direct gain knob.

Impedance issue?

> is it normal to not get any sound

No, you must be doing something wrong. Why do you think Braids would react differently with a cable to an amp and a cable to an optomix?

Ayy idea what i could be doing wrong? The amp is just a guitar amp. My Hertz Donut works fine if I run directly into the amp. But the braids volume seems low if I just go direct into the amp.
Could I have fried something when I installed it (though I’m sure polarity was correct)?
Everything else seems to be working fine.

I think it you had friend something it should not work at all.
Normally if you plug braids into an amp with no incoming CVs you should get a steady note at a relatively high volume. Braids, like most modular oscillators has a pretty hot output signal.

Maybe it’s to hot for your guitar amp and there is some kind of fuse. Do you have a line input on your computer? Or any other way device with input?

yeah, if it’s fried, it wouldn’t do a damned thing. Maybe the cable you’re using is bad. Also, I wouldn’t recommend plugging a raw oscillator output directly into a guitar amp. They aren’t designed to handle the frequency range they can output. I’d check with a mixer or some other means other than a guitar amp.

EDIT: what flock said

Yeah, guitar amps are designed for high impedance inputs with low signal level. Braids and other modulars have low impedance and have hot signal levels. Normally, plugging in this sort of thing is okayish if you watch the levels (low levels on the guitar amp) – the signal is way hotter than the amp probably will want so distortion is often too easy, but keeping it low should be fine. I have experienced weird things with mismatched impedance before, though… and maybe there is some signal protection circuit as mentioned above causing the issue.

If you have to use an instrument amp for synthesizers, use a bass amp if you can. Bass amps are actually designed to be relatively full spectrum (so you can hear pops and slaps), unlike guitar amps which tend to be midrangey. Also, as I understand it most bass pickups are lower in impedance, so it’s a better match for a synth signal. A PA speaker actually is the best match for synthesizer gear though, that’s designed exactly for line level gear (like synths)

Thanks all of you for the helpful advice and technical explanations.
Well i’m reassured that at least it’s not fried.
It’s a cheap amp. I’m keeping the volume low. Just to get by with until I can do better.
I’lll try running through a mixer and test again tomorrow with a new cable.

I have found the stupid answer to my stupid question : stupid cable was bad!
Sorry to everyone for all the agitation.
That said, while playing around with the Braids this morning I was wondering if there’s a mod to jump from one mode to another (e.g. ring mod to fm) using meta mode as a starting point.

Use ‘meta’ mode and send the right CV to the FM input.

thanks! I’ll give it a go.

It works! and really nice rhythmic effects with the 1.5 beta firmware.