Stuck notes with Yarns

I have my Yarns connected to a MIDI Interface which is connected to my Mac. I use Logic to allow me to play my Nord Lead synth through the DAW and directly control my modular. Regardless of which mode Yarns is in (I am usually in 1P or 2P) I frequently get a lot of stuck notes on the Yarns. The fix seems to be to change the mode Yarns is in and return it back to the one which I was playing in (ie switch from 1P to 2P and back to 1P.) This often resets it. I am running the latest firmware on Yarns. Any suggestions for how to try to prevent this from happening so regularly?

Can you use a MIDI monitor app to record a sequence of notes that would create stuck notes in Yarns? I’ll try to reproduce the problem - but this is certainly not something I’ve heard of.

Could it be lack of note off from your Nord?

Finally got around to using MIDI monitor to capture some sysex. Dunno if the attached document is useful.

I’m running my Nord over USB -> Logic DAW -> MOTU Express --> Yarns. Stuck notes appear at the end of the attachment. Doesn’t take too long to achieve.

It appears that if I “keep playing” notes on the keyboard it sometimes eventually causes the notes on Yarns to become unstuck.

Any suggestions to avoid stuck notes are greatly appreciated. This issue is definitely preventing me from using Yarns at any regularity.

I checked this list and it doesn’t contain data that would cause stuck notes - ie, the Nord is not “forgetting” to send “Note off” MIDI messages.

So the problem is either with the MOTU express, the cable or Yarns. Do you also get stuck notes when the Nord is directly driving Yarns over MIDI?