Stuck Ambika 6x Polivoks

Hi everyone,

I’m a noob in this great community. I recently bought an assembled Ambika a month ago with six Polivoks voicecards, and it sounds terrific. It was working well last week and went in the box each time it was unused - no drop nor shock, never.
But today i’ve put it off the box and it’s stuck like this. I tried with and without the SD card, and plugged with the sold power supply. Does someone know what this lit leds and stuck screen mean? Thanks!
For your intention, I did the YAM firmware and it was working well the couple of days I played with last time.

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It means that the main MCU doesn’t boot. Maybe it’s not correctly inserted in its socket?

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll check this.

Yes! I unscrew the case and by moving a little the MCU it seems the it wasn’t correctly inserted. Thank you Olivier!

does it sound good to have 6*polivoks ? with a bit of retreat now ?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.
Actually i wish I would use it more often to give you a more exhaustive answer; but i feel like i’ve been only scratching the surface. So far I’ve been using it for an electro pop project, among guitars and drums, and it sits very well among these instruments, i guess it is thanks for the filter. The brashy 12db/oct sound is good for brass and present pads too. My only concern is that you can hear a very noticeable steppy when you reach the maximum of the resonance, so you’ve got something that comes brutally guttural at the last values (126-127); a very interesting quality, but that doesn’t appear smoothly in the whole setting, which makes it delicate to use it.
I don’t know how it would feel in an all electronic music setup though. Maybe a smoother filter would do it better in that case. I’ve been considering changing some voicecards for the classic SMR4 filter, but now I think i would rather come along with an Audiothingies Micromonsta for more delicacy and flexibility, and keep a full Polivoks Ambika.



I’d keep your ambika as it is, for the sole reason that there are very few of them carrying those polivoks filters.

For softer sounds there are lots of options. Micromonsta is one of them. Or PreenFM2. Or even Bastl Xor, though those little boxes have become even more rare now.

If you care, i got the Shruthi-1 Polivoks for 7 months now and got contaminated by a sort of psychological obsession for M.I. since.
So, i got myself the Ambika with 6*SMR-4 one month ago : i love it !

But, instead of saying it’s ok i have one shruthi one ambika, i accepted a yellow magic LP2+delay in a trade two weeks ago, supposedly to run my monosynths stereo, which is a good idea as both filters are the dirtiest around. I love it too !

But then, i have seen a Pharmasonic Kochab XT for sale in my area (Dual SVF shruthi XT made in Japan) priced like a normal shruthi so i bought it too. I love it and can’t stop experimenting with the many knobs. In my home it’s a real 90ies rave my friend.

Parallel to this, as if it was not enough, i spent my last money on an Anushri to replace my monotribe & minibrute i had sold to make room (isn’t it irony ?) and also to finance some other gear. I have a few other synths too but start getting quite M.I. oriented.
But hearing the Anushri from vids on youtube here and then, i started realizing how much i love the monotribe-like melancholic sound of the oscillator. So i had to get one though i have quite enough synths to work on.

That’s my story :slight_smile: i bought all of them ready-built; spending most of my time to learn how to make them work and make nice tracks.

My advise, if you should take it into consideration, don’t sell your ambika, you’ll regret and never find one again. Then, the SMR4 are really, really beautiful. I know many people, even its conceptor, think it was crap or not as good as braids or stuff, but believe me, it is not. People around me who know not a shit about synths were blown away by the sounds i get from those boxes. And i"m also only scratching the surface.

The Micromonsta is monotimbral. Maybe consider a Pharmasonic Pherkad loaded with SMR4P, they go for cheap.



Thanks for your testimony; indeed you seem to be Mutable-obsessed, which might be good! There is never of enough Mutable Instruments machines.
Again, i’ve been considering changing a few voice card, but getting a Micromonsta in addition to the Polivoks Ambika seems to me more of a deal (don’t mind if it’s monotimbral, as I was thinking using it for soft pad duties).
The Pherkad voicecard looks f**king great and i’m also on a hunt for them.



Micromonsta has a good sound to my ears. A nice deal for sure.

Hi tomdugard!

I guess it might be a little late now, allmost two years later, but I have a complete setup of 6 SMR4’s that I’d swap for your Polivokses if you’d want to.