Strymon TimeLine Delay and Shruthi-1

Has anyone checked out this full featured delay? Was thinking of all of the possibilities of running some Mutable gear through it. Thanks for your input!

Got me the El Capistan and use it ALLLL the time. I’d love to get me the timeline. Just plunked some cash down for the new Moog Delay though. Timeline on hold once again. But yeah, Strymon make some fine pedals.

The old Korg DL-8000R is also very nice if you happen to see one. Every parameter is midi controllable (I think). But, I wouldn’t mind having a timeline myself. :slight_smile:

Man I wish Id seen this when choosing between the time and pitchfactor a year ago!

I’m extremely tempted by the Strymon TimeLine. It seems very versatile. :slight_smile:

I’ve resisted Google-ing the Strymon TimeLine for a whole day now, but today I just couldn’t resist.

And now its YouTube demo has won me over - dammit! :wink:



@yewtreemagic I agree. Now I’m going to be super broke