Strymon pedals , any good for synths?

Just like it says, Im looking at acquiring a reverb and a delay , and the Strymons seem to rank high . I ended up buying a bigsky and its on its way ( they have a return policy so Im not too concerned) and was looking at getting a Timeline for a delay , just looking for some feedback from shruthizens

Has anyone else here used them for their synths?

Yes. :wink:

They are on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for them.

Have only stellar recommendations from users, and my limited experience with them seemed to confirm they are among the best.

Please let us know your opinion about the Bigsky when you get it.

Won’t most FX pedals work fine? I know some have a frequency range that’s generally limited to the range of the instrument. But I’d say that was more of a problem for bass FX?

Well I tested some Boss ( digital delay, tera echo Space echo ) and a pair of zooms (B1on and a guitar one X something) , the Boss ones were overdriven by the analog synths , and the Zoom B1works great as its designed for Bass guitar , but it has a lot of hiss and noise , the other one gets overpowered also .

BTW here is what made me buy the bigsky

go to 2:52

Cool nearfields…

I have BigSky and TimeLine and love them both. They work great with all instruments I tried them with, including my 5U modular, Moog Sub37, Korg MS-20, all sorts of Shruthis, Juno 106, Korg Z1, Access Virus, Kurzweil MicroPiano, Nord Drums, Alesis SR16 and HR16, even Korg Electribe ER-1 has a new dimension to it, etc… – Strymon boxes bring lots of inspiration and certain class to the sound. I have them for a few months now, and they are still growing on me :wink:

:slight_smile: !!

I’ve been lusting for an “El Capistan” for quite a while now … they all sound fantastic to my ears.

I can also highly recommend the eventide pedals. They are still updating them with new features (even if they are 5-6 years old) and they are sounding awesome. I have the Space and TimeFactor and they pair nicely with my synths and eurorack.

I have and use an El Capistan and it’s a gorgeous delay. As it’s a tape delay simulation it’s not as versatile as the timeline but I does its job really well, I can only recommend it :slight_smile:

Ok thanks!

Now if only some people would buy my extra gear I could get a timeline! :slight_smile:

( in the market :P)

Ok… the BigSky is more on the FX side than on the Reverb side of Boxes. It does great Reverb style things that spice up pretty much everything but you won’t use it as your main reverb, or even just for Vocals, just like you won’t plane down a whole white truffle over all your dishes. For synthesizer use you can make a Monotron sound like if its Trevor Horns Synclavier. Personally i got bored rather quick of this overkill, or maybe I’m just to old school.

the el capistan is probably my number one piece of gear. it’s just such a good delay, and it also has a nice spring reverb effect. can’t really say anything bad about it, it just sounds so good.

had a bluesky but sold it on. didn’t gel with it for some reason.

i run modular stuff through it via this cheap reamp box:

modular>reamp>elcap>hiZ input on mixer.

sounds great.

Their stuff is expensive, but I’ve got zero regrets about getting an El Capistan. The Big Sky sounds like an amazing early Christmas present @dude163!
Anyone tried out their Flint tremolo/reverb? I have a suspicion that it would be really nice on a rhodes type sound.

this track is basically a strymon el cap in sound on sound looping mode recording a windup music cigar box thingie with contact mics. some light reverb added after the fact, but nothing drastic really. such nice feedback tones and piling on of sound.

^- this is cool… what mic did you use?

just some cheap piezos. nothing fancy. think i’m gonna pick up a mikrophonie module to process via modular

I think maybe expensive effects and cheap instruments are the way forward.