Struthi clone not powering on

Have this Struthi clone, used a 9V D/C 300mA adapter, it’s not turning on at all

Here’s pictures of the boards, would appreciate any advice/thoughts.

it didn’t let me post the other photos

Soldering looks dodgy (not enough tin in places). I guess you tried with filter board installed?

When I turn on my Shruthis first time around the LEDs usually turn on, but the screen does not show anything because the trimpot (R21) needs to be adjusted (every single time …).

You did put in a programmed microcontroller? If it is a clone you obviously need to program it first …

IT was working before, and yes it is a cloned, it’s already programmed.

at this point I would like to find someone who’s proficient with Struthi to fix it, not sure if there’s anyone willing to do that

Since your Shruthi is not turning on at all, I would first check if your power supply is center positive. Next common mistake is to confuse the 7805 with the 7905. Check if they are in their right spot. Also doublecheck all the polarized capacitors. Then check with a multimeter if there is a short between positive power inlet and ground.
Did you follow these instructions?
If you have a multimeter, test the voltage points at step 5.

Where are you located? If you want, you could send it to me (I am in Germany) and I will have a look. Send me a PM.

I’m in the US, but willing to send to Germany to have you take a look

I think shipping from the US and back again doesn‘t make sense (shipping cost, custom duties). You could hire one from this thread at the MOD WIGGLER forum: DIY builders for hire - MOD WIGGLER
Or describe your problem in this thread: Looking for a builder? Post here! - MOD WIGGLER
There are lot of experienced and helpful people there (a lot are in the US).