Strumming for midipal?

would it be difficult to add a strum feature to the midipal?


The chip is full, so you would need to omit another feature to get a strum feature. As well as writing it.

for optimal strumming better get a le strum


Describe accurately how it would work. Maybe it’s just adding a few lines of code to an existing app (delay or arp).

yea i mean- im not a programmer so forgive me if im not considering everything but it would be something like midi + delay + pitch + chord + a velocity curve of some kind like with an arc like soft to strong or strong to soft to strong maybe it would just play preexisting lines of midi when you hit a note or a chord. that le strum is a great example at least for the final outcome. i sometimes do it in ableton with an arpeggiator followed by a chord. i see that the midipal already does a ton but it would be definitely be useful addition imho

or it could just be preprogrammed series of sequences for each note that you press down